Embassy Safety

Avoid any kind of disturbance to Embassy
Rules of Protest, People & Administration :-
  • There should not arise a need to provide additional Security at Embassy.
  • There should be designated areas provided by Administrations for protest in regions across the country.
  • Whenever required, People should always do peaceful protest.
  • The place of protest should be there, where it is allowed by Administration.
  • An Ambassador representing its country is responsible to handle diplomatic relations with other country.
  • Embassy is NOT the place to present protest.
Suggestions for United Nations :-
  • Inspite of being a member of UN, countries in conflict/dispute are not following international law.
  • Even after a reminder by UN & other countries, international law is still violated.
  • Many times it leads to protest of people in front of Embassy.
  • Apart from Geneva conventions & International law, UN rules should be drafted.
  • All countries should pledge to follow it.
  • Membership should be suspended of those members who violate UN laws.
  • The votes or vetoes of such members will not be allowed.
  • They can only be allowed to present their views in drafting resolutions.
  • However, membership should be reinstated after an interval only if remedy is provided and/or violation is ended.
  • Afterall, their citizens are also Part of the world.
Notes :-
  • People should not use violence or any step which endanger lives of ambassadors or other staff/people through protest.
  • Embassies should not be disturbed for any issues related to country they represent.
  • Neither the ambassadors have authority to address the issue, nor they can provide any solution.
  • Only the Administrations can question them with their official dialogue.
  • People should let all the embassies of the world; function peacfully.
  • It will be helpful in coordination to maintain International order.

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